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Kai Powers To Another Win

Our Kai Von During powered to a stunning victory at the 5th round of the SA XCO Cup Series in Bloemfontein this past weekend. He secured enough points throughout the season to win the overall series title as well.  We wish him all the best with his training and lead up to the SA XCO Championships on the 10th - 11th of July 2021. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gear Change (@gearchangesa)

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ISSUE: NOTICE A BIT OF A SHUDDER EVERY TIME YOU USE YOUR FRONT BRAKE? THIS USUALLY MEANS YOUR HEADSET IS LOOSE. OUR CO-FOUNDER, JUSTIN TUCK, SHOWS US HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT AND FIX THIS ISSUE. Hey guys, so you’ve been out on a ride, and while using your front brake, you noticed that there is a bit of a shudder. It could be that your headset is loose. Today I am going to show you how to check that: HOW TO REPLACE AND TIGHTEN A LOOSE HEADSET: It’s a very simple procedure. QUICK CHECK: With your bike on the floor, grab the front brake and rock your bike back and forth. If you feel movement below the stem while you are...

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ISSUE: TRYING TO PUMP YOUR WHEEL BUT YOU CAN’T GET AIR INSIDE? IF THIS IS THE CASE, THE VALVE CORE OF YOUR WHEEL IS PROBABLY STICKY. TODAY OUR CO-FOUNDER JUSTIN TUCK GIVES US A QUICK LESSON ON HOW TO CLEAN A STICKY VALVE CORE. VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Here’s a lockdown lesson for you: Have you ever wanted to pump your wheel just before a ride and you can’t get air in or out of the wheel? It probably means that your valve core is sticky. It’s probably filled with sealant, so what you need to do is replace this valve core. HOW TO REPLACE THE VALVE CORE OF YOUR BICYCLE WHEEL It’s really simple to do. You can do it...

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