Tips For Washing Cycling Water Bottles

Something that is often wondered about - How To Wash Your Bottles? 
We jotted down a few points. 

  • Wash them out straight after a ride with some dishwashing soap and warm water. We strongly recommend the use of a bottle brush (found in most kitchen stores/kitchen areas in stores). You are able to access hard to reach areas on the bottle including the lid. Make sure you was the mouth piece and have some soap run through the mouthpiece to disinfect it. 
  • Avoid the dishwasher, which can melt the plastic or affect the integrity of the bottle. BPA-fee and normal plastic creates, not-so-friendly chemicals when heated. 
  • Store bottles with the lid off and leave to dry upside down until dry-dry. 
  • Replace your bottles often enough. A YEAR is too long to keep a bottle. Plastic deteriorates. Plus no one likes a scratchy old looking bottle on a shinny bike. 
Do you have pro-tips you'd like to share with us?
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