Remember your first bike? The sense of freedom and adventure, and the thrill of moving faster than your feet could carry you? We want every kid to have an incredible experience with their first bike, and every bike after that, too. That's why all of our kids’ bikes, from balance bikes to big-kid bikes, are made to inspire a love of the two-wheeled life from the very first ride.


Kids’ hybrid bikes are outstanding for all-around riding. They’re designed for comfort and confidence on every ride, whether on roads, light gravel paths or even detours across the lawn.


Fun, durable bikes available in a range of sizes, options and colours for just about any kid aged 4–12. The smallest sizes include tool-free training wheels.


Inspired by the adult Roscoe, this bike is made just for kids and helps build confidence and skills on the trail.


Balance bikes are the best first bikes for toddlers, as balance is the most critical part of riding a bike! Teaching kids this skill early on will make their transition to a bike with pedals much easier.


Kickster lets kids focus on balance, and it has a handle so you can support them while they learn. For kids aged 2-3 years old.

Kids Bikes